Rhythm in the Word – New Album in the Works – ‘Unconscious’

Rhythm in the Word – Volume 7

Two songs are now mixed and mastered for this next album in the Rhythm in the Word series.  Just finished recording a song yesterday that was written in 1982.  The prior week, we wrapped up a song that was written just last year while I was in California, visiting family.  Seven of the songs planned for this volume were written in the last few months.  The others go back into the eighties and nineties.  As with the other albums, the songs are loosely-based on a theme relating to the title –  usually the title song.  In this case, there isn’t a title song and the relationship to the theme is getting looser.  But still, most all of them revolve around memories – both reconstructed and imagined – in this world and the one to come, from the one we think we know and the one we know we don’t.

en la tarde


So we’ve got three or four new songs on this record that are concerned with dreams or, let’s say, dream states – some while we sleep and some while we’re walking around.  I’ve known people that I’m convinced are unconscious, though they appear to be awake.  While, at the other end of the spectrum, I have been conscious within a dream.  It’s all very confusing to me and I don’t think that putting it down in a song is helping me understand it any better but at least I’m getting it off my chest.  The final song on this album is titled, “In the Realm of Dreams”.  I have known people who have told me of ‘out-of-body’ experiences and though I’ve never had one, that’s what I was thinking about when I wrote this song.  Quien sabe, maybe my whole life has been just that… doubtful we’ll ever know for sure.  

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