New Music Just Released – Ordinary Time

Rhythm in the Word, Volume 6

Well we just finished the music for the sixth volume in this series of albums about two weeks ago.  It consists of another twelve songs –  six of which were written in the 1990’s, one in 2007, one in 2011 and four that were written in 2015.  Like the rest of the series, it is a mix of songs that have been sitting around for awhile, that have never been recorded, along with recent compositions

The title song – Ordinary Time, is a reference to the Catholic Church’s way of differentiating between all the days of the year and the Easter season.  I wouldn’t say it’s a religious song particularly.  I’d say it’s more like a happy hour prayer.  Or like taking everything that is familiar to you and heading into the unknown, not expecting any answers and wearing nothing but faith.  The other eleven songs cover a range of topics – love, death, loneliness and the miracle of everyday life.  ‘Carl Jones’ is about my admiration for a disabled man and the mother who cared for him.  ‘Young Duke’ is a tribute to my son, Harry.  Any analysis of the other songs, I’ll leave up to the readers and listeners.

With el Deacon – Manuel Madrid

Ordinary Time

The man alongside me in the cover photo is my cuñado (mi brother-in-law), Manuel Madrid.  He’s a deacon in the church and was kind enough to lend some credibility  to this undertaking with his presence.  I thank him for that.  As you can see, I’m wearing my usual crucifix and medicine bag.  So I’m about halfway between Catholicism and Heathenism and probably so are the songs, but spiritual nonetheless.  Once a wayward Catholic discovers Native American mysticism, I guess there’s no turning back – there’s only more to appreciate and more ways of looking at our world.



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