Thoughts from Volume I – Rhythm in the Word

You Don’t Know Me

…” I can laugh or I can cry but all you’ll see are the tears”

No matter how intimate the relationship, you only know what someone is willing to show you of themselves.  Everyone has to keep a little something hidden away.  It is, at once, the cause of our sadness and the source of our strength.  They all know something about you.  They all love or hate something about you.  But, from beginning to end, no one really knows who you are. 

 Parents, children, lovers, bullies.. no one.


Shawn Marie

…” Nothing’s explained by the hands on a clock…”

There’s so much space around us, past behind us, time ahead of us that we can’t possibly grasp it all – either at once or even in any manageable chunks.  It seems to me that we should be able to always have our whole life with us at all times.  That it shouldn’t be mostly lost and only occasional memories drifting in and out of random moments.  We live a life – we should be able to keep it, hold it, treasure it.

 There’s the unimaginable immensity of the universe… and then of course, there is the immeasurably more important connection between two little souls.

So, here are two passages from Volume 1 in the Rhythm in the Word series that I wanted to share.  This shows the format that all the books follow – for each song, the lyrics are preceded by a line from the song and some thoughts about, or related somehow to, the lyrics.

  • Today we’re about halfway through recording the third song on Volume VII (a sad song I wrote about my father’s passing, some twenty years ago).  Carmelita says I write too many sad ones and didn’t want to be involved in this one.  So I’m heading back to the studio to see if I can get it wrapped up on my own… safe within the silent walls of the adobe.

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