From: Rhythm in the Word, Volume 5 – “Medicine Woman”

…” I’m seeing things but I don’t think they’re there”

Who has the power? We all know the answer to that. And it’s not the ones with the deep voices and the hairy arms. It’s the ones they’re chasing. Men like to think they’re running things, that they’re the force keeping the universe in spin. All their energy however is concentrated on one thing really. And the woman who knows that, can curse you or bless you with nothing more than a glance. Each is an angel and a curandera all in one.

I have driven a thousand miles just to be gazed upon and accepted by such a woman. It’s all I ever wanted.

MEDICINE WOMAN Copyright 2015 by Don Wright

Way out on the horizon
Glimpses of yellow gold in a purple light
It might mean rain or maybe the sun’s just slowin’ down
Yeah it looks like rain tonight

There’s something leaking
And it’s boiling out under my hood
I got a bad feeling, I wish I was home
Guess I ought to crawl under whatever I can find
When it acts like this
Me I got a plan of my own
I’m going to see a Medicine Woman
Gonna get me some medicine

Back in town I got some friends who would help me now
If I needed money or someone to get me out of jail
But out here where I’m going I can’t depend on anyone
I’m not in the right frame of mind for company

I looked high, I looked low, I looked everywhere
Down in the river and up on the mountaintop
Didn’t think I was asking for much, all I ever wanted
A woman who understands what she’s got
A Medicine Woman
To bring me her medicine

Four days four nights one morning and that’s enough
I need a bite to eat and a drink in my hand
I’m breaking out in a cold sweat
Tied up in a bundle of knots
Yeah I’m seeing things but I don’t think they’re there

There’s not a doubt in what’s left of my mind
It’s time to get off this road
Does she know I’m coming? I think she knows everything
I’m emptied out, got nothing to give
But this ache in my bones
I hope she’s in the mood to help a man in need
I long for the touch of a Medicine Woman
You know I need that medicine

She doesn’t smile, doesn’t frown, doesn’t say a word
Goes about her business like I knew she would
I breathe a sigh of relief for soon I will be cured
Just hope I’m still alive when the morning comes

Words whispered in my ear in a foreign tongue
I’m in her spell now, there’s nothing I can do
She laid a blanket over me
With the kindness you’d afford a child
Then she got under the blanket too
I’m back in the bed of the Medicine Woman
And I’m going to get me some medicine tonight
Oh this woman
She understands just what she’s got

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