Volume Eight

“Americano” Song List

  1. In the Barrio
  2. Sometimes I Feel Like a Bullet
  3. Monterrey, Mexico
  4. Rio de la Cruz
  5. Call of the Wild
  6. Dreams of Spain
  7. La Pelea de Gallos
  8. The Grass is Greener
  9. Carmelita by Candlelight
  10. What a Lovely Night It’s Been
  11. Johnny Five Diamonds
  12. Mescalero
  13. Silver Ring



In The Barrio

Sometimes I feel like a bullett

Monterrey, Mexico

Rio Del la Cruz

Call of the Wild

Dreams of Spain

La Pelea de Gallos

The Grass is Greener

Carmelita by Candlelight

What a lovely night it’s been

Johnny five Diamonds


Silver Ring