The Studio

All recording is done in our adobe home, built around 1880.  The walls are 18” thick and the wood floors sit directly on the earth, so it seems to work pretty well for a studio.  But these are home recordings, so are not necessarily high, recording-studio quality at all times.  You might even hear an occasional dog barking or a train rolling by.  Please check out the song samples on the Album page though and hopefully you’ll agree that they are decent recordings, quite listenable, and do get the idea of the song across.

Don Wright's Studio In Las Cruces




  • 03 Feb, 2017 – Started recording 12 new songs  for Volume 7 – tentative release, June, 2017
  • 20 Mar, 2017 – Finished the fifth song for Volume 7.  Appear to be on schedule
  • 31 Jul, 2017 – Just finished writing seven new songs for Volume 8.  Working title, ‘Americano’.  Start recording this month and release by end of the year.