The Mission

Rhythm in the Word

I’ve been writing songs since around 1967 and performing them, both solo and with groups, since 1990 or so.  In February of 2014, I began this series of home recordings to do my best version of about a hundred songs, dating back as far as 1980 to the present.

This project is akin to gathering up all of one’s old photographs and putting them in a book I suppose.  Most of these songs have been played in public at one time or another, recorded here and there, and then relegated to sitting around in a stack of papers on my desk or in a box.  So I decided to spend enough time recording each song to the best of my abilities as the songwriter and offering them up to whoever might give them a listen.

Don Wright Songwriter

Don Wright Songwriter

Each album is a book of lyrics with the CD included, along with comments on each song and notes (rambling thoughts, poems, etc.) and some pictures.  The concept is somewhat ‘old-school’ in this digital age but then, the music probably is too.  A digital copy of everything is available for the same price if that is your preference.